Ad hoc blend

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Ad hoc blend, customer brand, exclusive labels


Contact - Request - Wine selection and packaging - Bottling - Shipping
A team of professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal wine and choosing the packaging for your target market

Learn more about all requests and needs

At all stages of the processing, the technical staff interacts with the client: from the choice of wine to that of the packaging, up to storage at its warehouses awaiting container loading

Highly qualified staff is always available

The company can study and propose ad hoc blends to be bottled under the customer's brand or with exclusive labels.

Il Packaging

Even the eye wants its part
The world of wine is an extremely varied world and choosing the right packaging represents a crucial step for the success of your project

You can choose from numerous packaging possibilities

Technical solutions ranging from different formats (from 375 ml per liter and a half), to the different types of bottles (Bordeaux, conical, burgundy), to the different closures (natural or synthetic satin mouth caps and stelvin type caps), different capsules (PVC , polylaminate and PET) and so on to build a completely customized and tailor-made product for the different price segments, the different targets and the different markets.

Rossetti can produce under his own label several different appellations

The Company is able to fullfill all the customers requirements and take care of every single step, from the blend of the wine, to the design of labels and cases. The highly qualified staff is always available to discuss the requests and needs which may arise

The Plant

Rossetti works every day to guarantee the best quality at every single stage
A state-of-the-art bottling line allows Rossetti to check every single process from bottle cleaning to the final case

From cleaning the bottle to packaging

Productive capacity: 6500 bottles per hour
Size of bottles: 0.375 - 0.5 - 0.75 and 1.5 litre bottles
Type of bottles: Bordeaux, conical and burgundy (also in BVS version with screw cap)
Caps: natural and synthetic cork, Stelvin screw cap
Capsules: PVC, polylaminate, PET
Boxes: Collapsible boxes for 6 and 12 bottles (also available for 24 x 0.375 litre bottles)

The best quality at every stage ...

The technologically advanced bottling plant guarantees high quality processes using integrated control systems which test the quality of the packaging at every stage. These systems check the empty bottles for imperfections, monitor the level, check the cap and capsule, scan the bottle at 360° to check the position of the labels, and check the bottle when it has been placed in the box

Leading company in Tuscany, today Rossetti is a modern industrial group that has not forgotten the tradition transmitted by its founders.