Quality guaranteed over time ...

from modern and innovative equipment:

Our winery.

Rossetti vini shows its strength also in its assets

The strength of the Group lies in its people
The winemaker Stefano Salvini select the best grapes from local producers, and with his staff work to produce every day the best quality.

In the last years, the most important winemakers cooperate with Rossetti and its staff to create wines for consumers around the world. The Group operate actively in Italy, North-Europe, USA, Canada, South-America, China, Japan, Vietnam and many more markets…

Cellars equipped with the most modern equipment

The winery is able to stock huge quantities in order to guarantee a constant quality level during the year, using modern equipment for filtering and stabilizing the wines, which are monitored constantly.

Which is the best bin for wine?
The ideal bin depends of the type of wine.

So, Rossetti gives the possibility to age the wines in stainless steal, concrete and wood, thanks to its large stock capability.

Leading company in Tuscany, today Rossetti is a modern industrial group that has not forgotten the tradition transmitted by its founders.