The plant

The technologically advanced bottling plant guarantees high quality processes using integrated control systems which test the quality of the packaging at every stage. These systems check the empty bottles for imperfections, monitor the level, check the cap and capsule, scan the bottle at 360° to check the position of the labels, and check the bottle when it has been placed in the box.

Productive capacity: 6500 bottles per hour
Size of bottles: 0.375 - 0.5 - 0.75 and 1.5 litre bottles
Type of bottles: Bordeaux, conical and burgundy (also in BVS version with screw cap)
Caps: natural and synthetic cork, Stelvin screw cap
Capsules: PVC, polylaminate, PET
Boxes: Collapsible boxes for 6 and 12 bottles (also available for 24 x 0.375 litre bottles)